Health Improvement Process

The Community Health Improvement (CHI) process helps communities progress toward better health. The process begins with gathering population-level health information, analyzing it, creating a data-driven Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address the community’s greatest health needs, implementing the CHIP through the collaborative efforts of various community partners, and evaluating work to ensure outcomes are achieved. It is essentially strategic planning for population health. The process repeats every five years to make sure new information is considered.action_cycle

What is a Community Health Improvement Plan?

A community health improvement plan (CHIP) provides a blueprint for improving the health of local residents. It provides insight into health solutions for the long-term and presents a road map for achieving optimal health for all. Good health provides the foundation for a healthy community and economy.

The CHIP for St. Mary’s County, Healthy St. Mary’s 2020 was developed by the Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership as a guide to improving the health of local residents from 2015-2020.

Community Health Improvement Plan St. Mary's County

Community Health Improvement (CHI) Learning Collaborative

In October 2015, HSMP was one of 9 local health improvement coalitions across the nation to be selected to participate in the CDC Community Health Improvement (CHI) Learning Collaborative. The CHI Learning Collaborative aims to provide an opportunity for CHI partnerships to learn about the CHI process and its underlying principles in greater depth, and use the CHI Navigator to strengthen their ability to conduct an effective and collaborative CHI process. Click here to learn more.

How was the Maryland State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) developed and what does it contain?

Work on the Maryland State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) began in January 2011 by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. SHIP 2011-14 targets were selected after reviewing state, local and national plans and indicators, consulting with state officials, and meeting with health and community leaders to discuss health outcomes and factors. The SHIP includes several measures in different focus areas that represent what it means for Maryland’s population to be healthy. Through ongoing public feedback, SHIP measures may be adjusted and revised.

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What are local health priorities for St. Mary’s County?